Thursday, October 16, 2008

Term limits: new poll and new entrant to the fray

A new NY 1 poll asks "Who do you think should decide whether term limits should be changed?”

A vast majority of NYers - 75 percent -said the voters should decide in a referendum. Only 10 percent said the city council should decide and 14 percent said it doesn't make a difference

By nearly 2 to 1 margin (62%-33%) city voters favor term limits for city elected officials.

Yet today, “Bloomberg insisted most New Yorkers support his plan for changing limits now without a public vote, saying a city charter review commission could revisit it in 2010.

"The opposition we're seeing is a handful of people who are very strident and are working very hard. They write 1,000 letters to one City Council person, and then the City Council person says, oh, everybody is against it," Bloomberg said. "The public is in favor of doing it this time, and then having a referendum down the road."

Quite a scene today at City Hall –it was standing room only. Most people were vehemently opposed, and occasionally hooted and booed. But the most important opponent—in this battle of the billionaires – is not back in the country….yet.

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