Monday, October 6, 2008

Term limits: Time to storm the castle?

What is really sad is that we have to rely on the shifting views of one quirky billionaire to save us from the arrogant power grab of another billionaire.

Are we living in a democracy or an oligarchy? It seems as though ordinary citizens have no say and we are just as powerless as serfs during the Middle ages.

Latest quote from Bloomberg, all the way from London:

"I think you can make a good case that he (Lauder) is right, this should be decided by the public, although at the moment, we just don't have the luxury," he said. “This financial crisis is here, and there's no ways to have a special election that would not be tied up in court for a long time."

In other words, democracy is a luxury we just can’t afford. At least there is now a website on this issue:

Time for the serfs to rise up and take the castle! Call your councilmember, before it’s too late!

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