Saturday, May 2, 2009

April 30 press conference on rising discharge rates

NAEP 2007 - 2003

Here is video from our press conference at the Public Advocate's office, including an introduction by Betsy Gotbaum and a lucid power point given by Jennifer Jennings, the co-author of our report on the discharge rate.

Also check out Part 2, with the rest of Jennifer's presentation and some relevant comments from Kim Sweet, head of Advocates for Children, about how worrisome these figures are, particularly the extremely high discharge figures for full-time special education students at 24 percent, nowhere reported in the city's official graduation rate. Part 3 features Dianne Morales, Executive Director of the Door, who has seen increased numbers of students coming to her program after having been encouraged to leave their high schools over the past five years, and some recommendations that I offer about what should be done about this troubling phenomenon. Part 4 and Part 5 has us answering questions from reporters.

Here are some news stories about our findings: Number of Students Leaving School Early Continues to Increase (NY Times); Study looks at city discharge rates (Channel 7 news); Saying discharges are up, report demands grad rate audit (Gotham Schools.)

(Video thanks to David Bellel)

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