Friday, May 15, 2009

GBN News Editorial: The Torture Debate

There has been much controversy of late as to how to deal with those in government who have carried out a policy of torture and abuse. One line of thinking is that the perpetrators should be prosecuted, both to punish them and to deter anyone from committing such acts in the future. The other school of thought is that actual prosecutions could be divisive, but that exposing the wrongdoers and reversing their policies would be enough to prevent the recurrence of such actions.

GBN News sees merit in both of these arguments. However, it is the opinion of this space that the disposition of the perpetrators is of less concern than the need to insure that these abuses are stopped for good. Therefore, let the legal fate of Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein fall where it may. What is most important is that their torturous reign over the city schools be ended, and that the system be given back to those who have a true stake in it.

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