Thursday, May 21, 2009

Public Prefers Shared Control of Schools: 2 to 1

NY1's latest poll shows 61% of the public wants the mayor to share control vs. 30% who would have him retain sole control. These numbers confirm earlier findings of a Marist poll.


Anonymous said...

And a non-Mayoral school board is not an option?

(notice how the media first refused to call it independent, then refused to offer it as an option at all)


NYC Educator said...

No, Jonathan, the only options are absolute control by the mayor, or a return to exactly the way it was before mayoral control. Those are the only possibilities, and there is absolutely no way we could possibly do anything else.

At least that's what I keep reading. It reminds me of Squealer in Animal Farm saying, "Well, you don't want Jones to come back, do you?"

Patrick Sullivan said...

We seem to have an axis forming around preservation of mayoral control - Bloomberg, Malcolm Smith, Shelly Silver and now Randi Weingarten. It's not clear that this poll or any other indication of what the public wants matters much to them.

NYC Educator said...

You have to wonder what deals were made to get these folks on board.

Anonymous said...

Randi Weingarten has long since abdicated her role as UFT leader. She's gone over to the dark side and left teachers and children at the mercy of the caprice of the unspeakably rich- the contract is useless- just so much paper for the bottom of a bird cage, and there will be more sell-outs in the future as she delivers the schools into the hands of one who has the wherewithal to outright purchase elective office. Shame on Randi for being one of those unholy Apostles.