Saturday, May 2, 2009

Interviews with discharged students

NAEP 2007 - 2003

Here are Art McFarland's interviews with young students at the Door, originally aired on Channel 7 news, recounting how they were encouraged to leave by their high schools, as well as his summary of our discharge report, which found rising rates and numbers of these students since 2000.


Mr. Dugong said...

To play devil's advocate. There are legitimate discharges of students who have no intention of earning their diplomas so discharging them from school is the only way to outsource these students towards YABC programs, GED programs, or vocational programs.

It seems unreasonable to scrutinize all schools or administrators for discharging students who are legitimately working towards graduation even if it's a year behind their original cohort.

david said...

a very good article and interesting to read