Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bloomberg's mutiny

Remember when Bloomberg predicted "there will be riots in the streets" if mayoral control isn't renewed? The specter of civil unrest is being raised once again, as the power vacuum in Albany makes it difficult to predict what will happen to our schools on July 1st. This time, however, the one who is willing to take the law in his own hands is none other than Mike Bloomberg.

Queried about "the unthinkable"--i.e., the possibility of the law sunsetting without more--he is reported in today's NY Post to
...hold[ ]out hope that that mayoral-control law will be renewed without playing out doomsday scenarios.
But he didn't rule out trying to continue mayoral control after the law lapses to give the Senate more time to get its act together.
Let's get this straight: he??? Mayor Bloomberg??? I was under the impression that it would be up to the legislature to enact some kind of emergency measure to continue mayoral control while the squabbling senators figure out what to do about their more important business.

But the article suggests that Bloomberg may well thumb his nose at procedural niceties and just sit tight with his Chancellor by his side. After all, as he has reminded us before, the mayor controls the police force. Or perhaps that's just his way of letting us know he has bought every single legislator, so why bother to wait for the rubberstamp?

Perhaps we would do well to go about our business, nose to the grindstone, and stop complaining. Remember this one, from the term limits extension days? Let's get it over with and crown him!



Anonymous said...

Sieg Heil Mein F├╝hrer!

Unknown said...

We thought Rudy was an egomaniac lusting for power,