Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Advocates for Children candidate survey results

Advocates for Children announced the results of a new survey on education policy today. Candidates in the 2009 New York City elections for mayor, public advocate, and comptroller provided answers to questions covering a variety of controversial issues that affect local public schools. Mayor Bloomberg, unfortunately, refused to respond.

Click here to see the full press release and here to download the full results. Here are the results regarding class size:

5. Education outcomes will not improve significantly until class sizes are reduced.

Public Advocate

Bill de Blasio No Response

Eric Gioia Agree

Mark Green Strongly Agree

Norman H. Siegel Strongly Agree

Alex T. Zablocki Agree


Tony Avella Strongly Agree

Robert Burck Strongly Disagree

Joseph Dobrian Strongly Disagree

Tyrell Eiland Strongly Agree

John Finan Strongly Agree

Walter Iwachiw Neither Agree nor Disagree

Roland Rogers Strongly Agree

Bill Thompson Strongly Agree

Frances Villar Strongly Agree


Joseph A. Mendola Strongly Agree

David Yassky Agree

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