Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chris Cerf, corpocrat, moves over to the Bloomberg campaign

NY Times: "Mr. Cerf [Deputy Chancellor] will help organize public school parents, especially charter school parents; promote the mayor’s record on education; and advise the campaign on education policy until Election Day, when he is expected to return to City Hall."

Return to City Hall? In the Daily News it says Cerf may not come back to Tweed.

Good luck with organizing charter school parents.

I'm sure the funds -- and the distorted claims--will be flowing like crazy. Four years ago, Bloomberg gave Patty Harris, a deputy mayor, a bonus of $350,000 for less than three months of work on his campaign.

Daily News: "Micah Lasher, chief lobbyist, and John White, who heads up the office on where schools are located, will divide Cerf’s duties for the next six weeks."

Boy, that John White will be busy.

All the articles mention Cerf’s solicitation of funds from Edison when Edison had a contract with DOE; but not how Cerf hid his Edison stock holdings after being hired by DOE.

For more on this see Juan Gonzalez' column here: our NYC parent blog here; the NY Times here; and for Cerf’s earlier deceptions, here: and here.

The Times earlier reported on how Bloomberg gave at least $1 million to endow a new center at Patty Harris’ alma mater, Franklin and Marshall, to be called “the Patricia E. Harris Center for Business, Government and Public Policy.”

Perhaps he will now endow a new school of ethics in Cerf’s name.

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Anonymous said...

Corpocrat is inadequate to capture the likes of the Bloomberg, Broad etc. crowd. It misses the superior smugness. How about Edu-messiah? Edu-raider?