Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Qaddafi Pitches Tent in Charter School Backyard

September 23, 2009 (GBN News): Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, who had tried in vain to find a spot to pitch his tent while in New York to speak at the UN, has finally found a home away from home. Colonel Qaddafi, who despite being ruler of Libya has somehow never been promoted to General, sleeps in a Bedouin tent no matter what part of the world he is visiting. After being banned from every outdoor venue in the Metropolitan area due to residents’ anger over his history of supporting terrorism, Colonel Qaddafi has now taken over the Harlem Success Academy, a New York City charter school, and slept last night in the schoolyard.

The Libyan strongman, who is said to have closely studied the methods of Eva Moskowitz, the head of Harlem Success, realized that he could turn her own techniques against her. Mr. Qaddafi was thus able to take over the school very much the way she wrested it away from PS 123 – by brazenly sending workmen into the schoolyard to remove the playground equipment and replace it with the Colonel’s tent.

It is unclear whether the Libyan leader plans to hold onto the school after he returns to Libya. But according to GBN News sources, before he leaves the city Mr. Qaddafi intends to endorse Mayor Bloomberg, a fellow eccentric dictator, for re-election – a move which could put a crimp in the Mayor’s campaign.


Anonymous said...

The truth is this guy bloomberg is has no real friends, he is drunk on power.Watch him fall.This story is a tragic one for those parents who send their children to P.S. 123.

Anonymous said...

So tragically sad that you continue to criticize HSA2 while defending PS123. I have said before and will say again - GO VISIT THESE SCHOOLS. There's no question which one is better, more successful and more capable of educating kids at a high level.

Oh, while you're there, count the numbers of kids in the PS123 classrooms. Rumors of them being "overcrowded" have been greatly exaggerated, unless you consider 14 kids in a K class overcrowded.

Stop jumping on the anti-Eva bandwagon and take an honest look already.