Friday, September 24, 2010

Mr. Klein Goes Back to School

September 24, 2010 (GBN News): A number of NY City high school students, who were told this week that they had to return to middle school, can take solace in the fact that they were not the only victims of a bureaucratic foul-up. Schools Chancellor Joel Klein was informed today by his putative alma mater, William Cullen Bryant High School, that his 1959 admission to the school was in error. Due to a recently discovered poor test score performance in eighth grade, Mr. Klein will now have to return to middle school to repeat that year. Presumably, the Chancellor’s high school diploma and any credentials earned afterwards will be null and void.

Mr. Klein, speaking to reporters outside Tweed Courthouse, struck a defiant tone. “It’s certainly not my fault,” he insisted. “If I scored low on a test, you’ve got to put the blame where it belongs – on the teacher.”

Asked if Mr. Klein’s standing as Chancellor would be jeopardized by the new revelations, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said not to worry. “The State Education Department gave us a waiver to hire him,” the Mayor told GBN News. “They agreed that he didn’t need any qualifications. Obviously, nothing’s changed.”

But DOE bureaucrats may have the last word after all. A department spokesperson, repeating a statement he had made about the students who were returned to middle school, said, “If we promote students who aren't ready, we are setting them up for failure”. It seems that his own department intends to hold up the Chancellor’s failure as an example.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary, made my day...very witty indeed!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Blame it all on the teacher.
That's the ticket!
But from what I can tell from the lawyer
Mr. Klein's record of running a
school system with no education
background, he did not do his part as a student.
Did he go home and do all his homework?
Did he study for the test?
Did his parents sit with him?
Was he fed correctly,regularly?
Was he given clean clothes?
Was he put to bed on time every night?
Did he visit Dr's and get checkups?

All the things a teacher has no control

Did the school system give the teacher
the proper materials? This too has
nothing to do with the teacher.

Let's not even talk about the
manipulated corrupt testing
NYS and NYC are know for. Go ask Old
Bloomy about that. Well let's not talk about
that...the teacher did not control that
part either.
So what to do now? Hey, let's make it
a charter school. Yeah, and give tons
of money and tax write offs to the rich
from Obama's Race to the Top Cash.
Yes, and let's pass the buck and
print the names of those bad teachers
in the NY Times. Yes and let's take down
the corrupt teachers union.
Yes, blame it all on the teachers
and screw the kids who are challenges
learners. Yes, and let's take the parents
and the community out of the equation, that's mayoral
control laws. Wow, the rich have
new dollar signs in their eyes. Oh,
what else to do. Hey, the billionaires
can make a movie and call it, Waiting
for Superman! And we'll get Gates on Oprah
and all America will bow down before
us and pay homage! But to really make
sure we succeed, let's cut the funding
to public schools too. They can drown for all we care.
Oh and you know Old Bloomy is the only one
who can screw the public school so break
the law and let him run a third term.
Yes, we got those dirty public
school teachers really good. Hey,
we also control the media, let's
print all the bad things the teachers do
and create a rubber room to make the
teachers look bad too.
What corruption in America 2010!

Anonymous said...

Teachers, we are the blame for all the problems in our society! All the ills are our fault.

Ponzi scheme - blame the teachers
Enron collapse - blame the teachers
Sub-prime mortgage scam - blame the teachers
high unemployment rate - blame the teachers
closing of many auto industries - blame the teachers
water population - blame the teachers
air population - blame the teachers
cancer and other devastating, incurable diseases - blame the teachers
Osama not found and still active in his country - guess what? BLAME THE TEACHERS!!!!!!

Wii Modding said...

Mr. Klein, speaking to reporters outside Tweed Courthouse, struck a defiant tone. “It’s certainly not my fault,” he insisted. “If I scored low on a test, you’ve got to put the blame where it belongs – on the teacher.”