Thursday, April 5, 2012

Resolution to give parents a voice again on the fate of their children's schools!

The following resolution was passed by Community Education Council District 20 in Brooklyn.   CEC District 2 in Manhattan has approved a similar resolutionRobert Jackson and Al Vann have introduced a resolution in the City Council also urging the legislature to give CECs the authority over school closings and co-locations.  AM Keith Wright has introduced a bill that would give CECs power over co-locations.  Ask your CEC to pass this resolution now, and ask your legislators to support it!

Resolution: Amend School Governance Law To Allow Community District Education Councils Authority Over School Closings and Co-locations

Whereas , in a recent Quinnipiac poll, almost 60 percent of New Yorkers believe that that the mayor’s takeover of our schools has been a failure;
Whereas, more than four times as many New Yorkers believe that in the future, the mayor should share power with an independent body than retain complete control over our schools.  (66% compared to 13%);
Whereas,  public schools are the lifeblood of our communities, yet  Mayoral Control, as currently structured, has no checks and balances, but allows one person to determine the fate and future of every school and student in this City, irrespective of the views and input of all other stakeholders, including parents, students, teachers, and community members;
Whereas, despite damaging effects on NYC students and overwhelming community opposition, the mayor has used his unilateral power to close over 100 public schools and proposes to close more than fifty additional schools this year.
Whereas, the mayor has also pushed through many divisive co-locations which have created worse overcrowding and thereby severely undermined the quality of education our public school students receive, creating "separate and unequal" environments within their own schools and buildings.
Whereas, Community District Education Councils are elected bodies of parents that, according to state law, have the authority to approve or disapprove alterations in school attendance lines.
Whereas, since school closings and co-locations can radically affect enrollment, it is only logical that these bodies should have the authority to approve or disapprove school closings and/or co-locations.
Be it resolved, that the Legislature should amend the school governance laws so that all proposals to close, phase, truncate or co-locate NYC public schools must be approved by the district Community Education Council in which the school resides.
Be it resolved, that before taking a vote, the CEC shall solicit advice from the affected School Leadership Team(s), the district Presidents Council, the Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council, and the Citywide Council on Special Education and other community organizations.  In the case of high schools, the district CEC shall also consider the advice of the Citywide Council on High Schools, in addition to the organizations listed above.
Be it further resolved, that by these means, NYC public school parents and community members shall have a voice again as to the fate of our children’s public schools.

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Anonymous said...

Where as the "mayor"(sic)thinks that every body "loves" him and he can do whatever he wants. Wasn't that the same thinking of Louie XVI? No need to go any further. One more full school year with his royal high-ass!