Sunday, September 23, 2012

Michelle Rhee finally gets a real debate on BBC

Michelle Rhee gets blasted on the BBC by the UK teacher union leader on the unfairness of her teacher evaluation system, the cheating scandal in DC schools, and her decision to fire a principal on TV.

This is the sort of real debate sadly absent from NBC's Education Nation and US television in general, which treats Rhee with kid gloves. 

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Duke said...

Rhee tells a huge whopper in this debate:

Clyde Gaw said...

The double speak that comes out of Rhee's mouth is amazing. For example, her claim that teachers are evaluated based on their classroom observations...yes..observations that are evaluated based on a rubric that rewards teachers who teach to the test. School and community contributions? They are weighted about 10% of the total evaluation. Rhee is an edushyster, has very little experience teaching, and should stay away from children and schools.