Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Noah Gotbaum vs. Mitt Romney on who parents trust more, the union or Michael Bloomberg?

See the video below, in which NYC parent leader Noah Gotbaum confronts Mitt Romney at the propaganda fest known as Education Nation about how parents support the teachers union more than the Mayor, a proposition that Mitt says he doesn't believe. Noah is right , of course.

Parents do support the teachers union far more than they support Bloomberg and  the Chancellor as seen in this Quinnipiac poll from last February. The poll found that overall, NYC voters trust the teachers' union more than the mayor to protect the interest of public school children 56 - 31 percent; and public school parents trust the union by an even larger margin: 69 - 22 percent.

The same was true in Chicago, with most registered voters supporting the teachers, even during the strike, according to this Sun-Times poll. According to another independent poll, 66 percent of Chicago parents supported the striking teachers. Why?

Because parents understand that teachers are fighting for smaller classes and other reforms that would actually improve our neighborhood public schools, rather than impose even more high-stakes testing, increase class size, or close them down and turn them over to private corporations, and as the mayors of NYC and Chicago would like to do.

Despite all the corporate, venture philanthropy and hedge fund millions going to into campaigns to convince us to support mayoral control, the spread of charter schools and online learning, the weakening of union protections, and now the "Parent trigger", most public school parents are too smart to be tricked by their lies.

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