Friday, February 8, 2013

A Guide to Corporate Education "reform"

Lots of parents are confused by the large number of education organizations that have sprouted up like weeds in recent years, many of which have “Children” or “Students” in the title, and claim to be working in the interests of children but actually pursuing the free-market ideology of privatizers, hedge funders and billionaires. 
Yesterday on Diane Ravitch’s blog, I wrote  how one could identify these astroturf groups by their rhetoric and often contradictory positions; along with linking to a spreadsheet that lists the names of these organizations, their boards and funders. 
I hope this will be a helpful tool for parents, advocates and others who are trying to make out who is who in the battle to preserve and strengthen our public schools.  Please check it out and if you have any suggestions for additions or subtractions, email us at;  as I intend to keep improving it.  thanks!

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