Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Media advisory for Thursday March 12: "Protect our schools" from Cuomo attacks - rallies at schools throughout the city

An updated list of nearly 100 schools is below; articles about tomorrow's event are in DNA info and Chalkbeat.

Media Advisory

WHAT:   "Protect our Schools." Parents, students and teachers rally  citywide against Governor Cuomo’s attacks on our public schools.
WHERE: At NYC public schools in all five boroughs
WHEN:   Thursday March 12, in the morning and afternoon (more details below); with a few schools on Friday.

EVENT:  Thousands of parents, student and teachers from throughout the city will hold hands, form a human chain and surround their schools to show how they are determined to protect their schools from Governor Cuomo’s attempt to defund, dismantle and privatize our public schools.

Some schools are also hold marches and speak outs.  For example:

·         At 7:45 PM, Brooklyn New School and Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies will gather, hold  signs, have noisemakers and write letters to their electeds.
·         At 7:50 AM, parents and teachers at PS 183 Robert Lewis Stevenson on the Upper East Side will surround their school along with CM Ben Kallos.    
         At 3:10 PM, parents, teachers and students at PS 58 in Brooklyn will march up Smith St. and meet up with the school community at PS 261.
·         At 3:30 PM, students and teachers at City as School HS in Greenwich Village will gather outside the school, hold a brief press conference, and walk to Washington Square Park for a speak-out at 4 PM.

At least two other schools, PS 15 in Brooklyn and Francis Lewis HS in Queens, are holding their ”Protect Our School” rallies Friday after school.
For more information, including contact information for parents at most of these schools, call Leonie Haimson, Class Size Matters, 917-435-9329; leonie@classsizematters.org

A partial list of participating schools is below.

School BoroughDistrict Time
Earth School Manhattan13:15 PM
PS 363Manhattan18:15 AM
PS 3 Manhattan28:00 AM
PS 397 Spruce Street SchoolManhattan28:00 AM
PS 2 Meyer London SchoolManhattan 27:45 AM
PS 183 Robert Lewis StevensonManhattan 27:50 AM
PS 158Manhattan28:00 AM
PS 290Manhattan28:10 AM
City-As-School Manhattan23:30 PM
PS 77 Lower Lab SchoolManhattan28:15 AM
Manhattan Schl for Children PS333Manhattan37:45 AM
MS 421Manhattan38:00 AM
PS 87Manhattan 37:45 AM
PS/IS 149Manhattan 33:00 PM
PS 75Manhattan 37:45 AM
Central Park East IManhattan48:00 AM
Central Park East IIManhattan48:00 AM
MS 206, PS 112, PS 155, PS 37Manhattan47:30 AM
PS 8 Manhattan6pick up time
ps 132 + dos puentesManhattan62:50 PM
Castlebridge and PS 128Manhattan63:00 PM
PS 189Manhattan67:30 AM
CHAH   346Manhattan6afterschool
IS 52Manhattan 68:15 AM
Muscota and AmistadManhattan 68:15 AM
PS 152Manhattan 62:20 PM
PS 178Manhattan68:00 AM
PS/IS 187Manhattan 68:00 AM
MS 324 Patria MirabalManhattan63:30 PM
Ps/IS 210 Manhattan64:00 PM
Hamilton Heights School/PS368 (with PS 153)Manhattan67:45 AM
Adam Clayton Powell/PS153Manhattan68:00 AM
PS 115Manhattan67:30 AM

PS 86Bronx10
7:55am & 2 pm
PS 3Brooklyn 137:30 AM
PS 9Brooklyn 138:00 AM
PS 20 (with Arts & Letters)Brooklyn138:15 AM
Arts & Letters (with PS .20)Brooklyn138:15 AM
PS 307Brooklyn137:30 AM
Brooklyn ArborBrooklyn147:45 AM
PS 84Brooklyn147:30 AM and 2:30 AM .
PS 110 The MonitorBrooklyn148:10 AM
PS 257Brooklyn147:30 AM
PS 297Brooklyn143:20 PM
Brooklyn New School (with BSC below )Brooklyn157:45-8:45 AM
Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (w/ BNS) Brooklyn 157:45-8:45 AM
PS 32Brooklyn 153:00 PM
MS 442Brooklyn 153:00 PM
MS 447Brooklyn 153:00 PM
MS 51Brooklyn158:15 AM
PS 230Brooklyn 15
PS 154 Brooklyn158:00 AM
PS 295 Brooklyn 158AM & 2:45PM
MS 443 and MS 88 (w/ PS 295)Brooklyn 158:00 AM
PS 10Brooklyn 157:45 AM
PS 124 Silas B. Dutcher SchoolBrooklyn157:50 AM
PS 130 The Parkside SchoolBrooklyn 158:00 AM
PS 169Brooklyn157:15 AM
PS 172Brooklyn 158:15 AM
PS 230Brooklyn152:45 PM
PS 24Brooklyn157:45 AM
PS 58Brooklyn153:10 PM
PS 118/ Maurice Sendak SchlBrooklyn158:10 AM
PS 261Brooklyn152:30 PM
PS 321Brooklyn158:00 AM
PS 372Brooklyn 157:45 AM
PS 29Brooklyn 158:00 AM
PS 39 Brooklyn158:00 AM
PS 280 Brooklyn 158:30 AM
PS 107Brooklyn158:10 AM
Park Slope CollegiateBrooklyn157:30 AM
PS 15 Brooklyn 152:30 PM, Friday
International HS of Prospect Heights Brooklyn173-3:30 PM
PS 214Brooklyn197:50 AM
Francis Lewis High SchoolQueens262:35 PM Friday
PS 26 Queens 267:45 AM
PS 205Queens26
PS 182Queens287:30
PS 176 Queens29
PS 2 Queens307:30 AM
PS 150 Queens302:35 PM
PS 166Queen307:50 AM
PS 92Queens302:40 PM
PS 122Queens302:35 PM
PS 4Staten Island317:40 AM
PS 54Staten Island317:30 AM
PS 55 Staten Island317:40 AM
PS 145 Brooklyn 328:00 AM
PS/IS 384Brooklyn328 am & 2:30

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PS254Q D27 is demonstrating Thur morning 8am.