Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Update from Albany: call your Senators now! No delay in education funding linked to high-stakes testing

Update from Albany on the budget negotiations: According to Speaker Carl Heastie, there will be no deal in the budget on a voucher-like private school tax credit giveaway that could yield huge financial benefits to billionaires and corporations but drain state revenue of $100 million.
Raising the charter cap will likely not be included in budget deal but may be addressed later in the year linked to extension of mayoral control in NYC.
Biggest threat right now: an agreement cooked up by Gov. Cuomo and the GOP-led Senate to create a Commission to determine how much teacher evaluation and tenure should be linked to test scores—and to hold up any increase in education funding till then.
You should call your Senator today but especially if s/he is a Republican – and if not, call the leaders of the Senate, Senators Skelos and Jeff Klein, to tell them you will hold them responsible if education funding is delayed and linked to an undemocratic Commission with the unilateral power to double-down on high-stakes testing by increasing the link between test scores and teacher evaluation.
Message: Do NOT delay an increase in education funding by creating a Commission with the power to increase high-stakes testing. We do NOT want teacher ratings determined by test scores, period.

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Chris Sullivan said...

Call it's working . Try to get friends from that district to call . Thats a vote which will really get their attention