Thursday, March 5, 2015

Planning for the March 12 Citywide Protect our Schools Events Q and A

You can download this as a one pager here.

Q and A

What is happening on March 12th?
Parents, educators, students and the entire school community will be linking arms and encircling their schools to symbolically protect their schools. This will take place either before or after school in many communities around the city.

Why do we need to protect our schools?

We are protecting our schools from Governor Cuomo’s plan to shortchange our schools, by not providing NYC with the full $2.3 billion dollars due from the CFE settlement. See how much your school is owed at  
In fact, Cuomo is holding any additional education aid hostage in exchange for the Legislature agreeing to lift the cap on charter schools, which could mean as many as 250 more charters in NYC, and provide tax credits to millionaires to pay for private schools.  The rent for charters could cost taxpayers up to $833 million alone per year. He also wants to allow state takeovers of struggling schools and to double down on high-stakes testing, by basing 50% of teacher ratings on the results of the unreliable state exams.

What do we want?

We want our legislators to help us push Governor Cuomo to provide adequate funding for a “sound basic education” as the court ordered. It would be disastrous if the charter cap was lifted because this would drain even more funding and space from our public schools.  We don’t want the state to determine which schools and teachers are failing, which would enable more school closures and stake takeovers.

How should we prepare? 

  •  Discuss this event with other parents, your PA/PTA, SLT, Principal and UFT chapter leader.
  • RSVP on the Class Size Matters website with the name of a contact person and the time this event will occur– at 
  • Decide if and when you will phone bank, with calls to parents to remind them about the event. 
  • Appoint one or two parents to take photos and post them on Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #protectourschools 
  • Make sure there’s a robocall/messenger call on the 9th and again on the 11th. 
  • The week before, stand in front of school with sign-up sheets and hand out flyers []. 
  •  Make big signs for the school’s doors to let people know this is happening. 
  •  If the school allows, ask students in art classes to make signs or band or chorus can perform at the event.Invite your local representatives, like your City Councilmember, and community partners. 
  • Contact media outlets & community papers several days before the event and then again the day before, to tell them what time this is happening. 
  • Bring signs and/or decide on a color that everyone can wear, like caps or scarves.

What will the event look like? 

Before or after school, the school community, including parents, teachers and students, should gather and link arms in front of or around your school. 
  •  A designated person should take photos and up-load to Facebook page & Twitter with hashtag #protectourschools 
  •  A parent, student, educator and/or administrator can talk about how are schools are suffering because of the Governor’s budget cuts, how much money your school is owed (see and why Cuomo’s proposals would damage public schools. 
  •  We will also have talking points and facts sheets that can be handed out to parents and passersby, including information about a March 28 citywide rally.
For more information call Karen Sprowal (917) 771-0396 or

Join our Facebook “Protect our schools” event page at

Sample flyers in English and Spanish you can edit for your school and hand out to parents are at above link too.


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