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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bet you Klein doesn't go on his Blackberry during these hearings

See Joel Klein sitting behind the Murdochs today.  For a live broadcast of Parliamentary hearings behind the Murdoch/NewsCorp hearings, check out www.democracynow.orgMy discussion of the many troubling issues related to the proposed $27 million no-bid state contract with Murdoch's Wireless Generation, see this morning's show here.


Queens Teacher said...

Klein doesn't look happy. These guys are unbelievable. They have no concept nor do they care of how crappy their public image is.

It's a matter of time. Klein's associations will be his undoing.

zulma said...

Corrupt minds beget scandals! May justice prevail.

NYC Educator said...

Love the headline. It's perfect.

Sean Ahern said...

Its more than a petition that you have initiated. You are giving voice to the spirit of indignation growing in the hearts of the people.