Friday, July 22, 2011

DOE's "happy hour" celebrating school closures and charter co-locations

Video of Deputy Marc Sternberg at the DOE "happy hour" at Tribeca Tavern this evening, being asked why the court's decision that will allow the DOE to close 22 struggling public schools and squeeze charter schools into 15 more schools is a cause for celebration.  For more on this "happy hour," see GothamSchools.

Though Sternberg phrased it as “an important moment for New York City’s public school families!" it was instead yet another way in which arrogant and heedless Tweed educrats have been able to exert their irrational authority over thousands of NYC parents, teachers, and students who begged them not to close or co-locate these schools.

See also the photo below the video of General Counsel Michael Best, celebrating while surrounded by other DOE staff members.


Anonymous said...

They celebrate closing the schools,but never tell you how they go about improving the education for the children in these schools. They force the charter schools to share the building with the public school,but they never tell you how this affects the programs in the public school.
Parents it is time we realize how this administration is destroying our children's education!!

Anonymous said...

The school fight has become as polarized as the budget fight in Washington. There are zealots running the DOE who care about their victory at the expense of millions. How Sad!

Anonymous said...

Marc Steinberg has, at every step, proven himself to be the WRONG choice for children in NYC, beyond being a school principal. His selection as a Deputy Chancellor is puzzling even within the DOE itself, especially as he continues to demonstrate a level of ignorance that is off the charts. This is a horrendous!!!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting, I tried to leave a couple of comments over at GS about Marc Sternberg and they never got published. I certainly enjoyed the video - Sternberg looked like a deer in the headlights which is not a look I think he often has. The times I've seen him at PEP meetings he comes off as extraordinarily arrogant. Last night's happy hour email proves it. How politically tone deaf do you have to be to get fired? The fight isn't over. Obviously not everyone at the DOE is a completely arrogant idiot or they wouldn't have leaked that email. It certainly was embarrassing for Mr. Sternberg. The judge didn't decide the entire case. There seems to be more than enough evidence that charters are creating an unequal system. Let's see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of elitist assholes.

Anonymous said...

Marc Sternberg dad is a very wealthy man that runs in the circles of Bloomberg, Klein and the likes.

He has invested interests in charter schools. He sits on a few charter school boards.

Marc Sternberg is a patronage appointment who is only make a short stop in the DOE before becoming a major charter school operator.

This needs to be brought to light.

Anonymous said...

Just noticing No Black or Spanish Folks in the group. That is the goal of NYC DOE all teachers, principals and if possible all students WHITE. Gentrification will make all the real estate moguls rich. Just imagine not just Manhattan but Brooklyn and nearby queens ALL WHITE. Just imagine the rent they could charge. One thing though, the schools have to be white also or it won't work.
By the way how is the rent payments being taken care of for these charter schools. What about all the schools that are now in office buildings HOW MUCH DID REAL ESTATE MOGULS BENEFIT ON THAT MOVE by Bloombug.
Just Saying

Unknown said...

I don’t see why closing the schools was cause for celebration unless it achieves something for the education of the children. Any system will fail with bad administrators and I think this is what we’re seeing.

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