Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The First Step by Seth Pearce

Seth has a simply breathtaking piece at the NYC Student blog:

What we need in New York City, is an education system that makes education possible. When educators are so overburdened that they don't have time to care about the needs of individual students, this is not the case. When the classroom is completely unmanageable and knowledge can not pass through the barrier between teacher and student because of population overload, this is not the case. And when students feel as though they are just another "problem" for the all-to-busy adults in the building, this is not the case.

It is time to cut class sizes and trim teacher loads. If we really want to save our schools, that is the first step.

Do yourself a favor and read it all. I wish all DOE officials who blithely say that class size doesn’t matter, or who pretend they care without doing anything about it, year after year, would do just that.

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Anonymous said...

I 100 % agree with you.