Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jets Sign Liebman to 3 Year Contract

December 11, 2007 (GBN Sports): The New York Jets announced today the signing of running back James Liebman to a three year contract worth an estimated $15 million. Liebman, who most recently starred as the “Chief Accountability Officer” for the NY City Department of Education, reportedly wowed team officials yesterday after his testimony at a City Council hearing on school Progress Reports.

Jets Head Coach Eric Mangini happened to catch the 6 PM news reports about the hearing and saw Liebman demonstrate his rushing prowess. In what Mangini called, “The most impressive display of broken field running I’ve ever seen”, Liebman showed he could shake off not only a hoard of parent advocates attempting to give him petitions opposing the progress reports, but a number of print and television journalists as well. The team immediately called him in to offer him a contract.

At a morning press conference, Mangini was optimistic about the team’s chances next year with Liebman on board. “Jim assured us that next year we don’t even need a winning record to win the division,” the coach said. “He told us that if he can do what he did this year with the DOE, all we need is to improve more than the other teams do. With our record this year, that will be a snap.”

The Jets’ new running back showed that he is as adept at “trash talk” as he is at his running game. At the press conference, he taunted this week’s opponent, the Patriots, by saying, “They think they’re hot stuff with their perfect record. Let's see them try to improve on that next year. No matter what they do they'll just be a ‘failing team’.” Liebman is expected to be in uniform for Sunday’s game.


Anonymous said...

This is very funny ! I enjoyed the post but am sad that there really is a Liebman running around loose at the DOE. Someone needs to put him on the bench or better yet, cancel his contract.

Anonymous said...

Broken field running skills indeed! Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork have assured me that the first time Jimbo touches the ball that they will introduce his tuchis to his pasty face.

Gary Babad said...

Should be a good game!

Anonymous said...

take the Jets as long as you get at least 45 points