Monday, May 19, 2008

The End of Mayoral Control

May 19, 2008 (GBN News): Mayor Michael Bloomberg today engaged in his second run-in with the press in the past week, this time involving a GBN News reporter. At a City Hall news conference this morning, GBN News attempted to ask the Mayor a question about the impending sunset of Mayoral control of the City schools in 2009.

“Regarding the expiration of Mayoral control …,” the questioner began. However, before the reporter could finish, Mr. Bloomberg cut him off. “That is not appropriate, sir”, the Mayor interjected. “Next time you have a question, you want to insinuate that I’m out of control, you can take it elsewhere.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the reporter responded. “I didn’t mean -”. The Mayor again interrupted: “We’ve finished it. ‘Control’ is a word that has an implication. You’re questioning the Mayor’s control. Some nerve. Next question.”

Just as the next questioner asked the Mayor when he plans to begin his anger management classes, a sudden power outage hit City Hall and the Mayor unfortunately was unable to respond.

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