Monday, May 5, 2008

Education Blogs Fear Censorship Threat

May 5, 2008 (GBN News): What some say is an attempt to censor the “Charter-Free PS 15” blog, which opposes the Department of Education attempt to put a charter school into PS 15 in Red Hook, may be just the tip of the iceberg. GBN News has learned exclusively that someone identifying himself as “Emomali Rakhmon” has sent the following email to a number of NY City parent and teacher blogs (Mr. Rakhmon, former dictator of Tajikistan, was named head of DOE School Security last year, and many people feel he has brought his heavy handed methods with him):

“It has come to attention of me that your critical blog of DOE is making difficulty for Supreme Great Leader Joel Klein and Even More Supreme Great Leader Michael Bloomberg to carrying out great and exalted reforms. Therefore I am asking nicely that you refrain from blogging such criticisms until such time as Mayoral Control is voted for permanency. Surely you know that Chancellor and Mayor are above such petty criticism as you put in your blog. The concerns of parents and teachers are of little matter to such high and mighty leaders, and should you persist in trying to defend status quo be assured that we will crush your blogs like so many bugs. This is asking you nicely, next time we will not be so nice. We have place we call ‘Little Gitmo’ but be assured it is not so little. Some people call it ‘Rubber Room’. Believe me, you would not want to be there.”

It was not immediately clear if the author of the emails was indeed Mr. Rakhmon or someone else purporting to be the Tajik strongman. But education bloggers reached by GBN News say they have reason for concern tonight, and are fearful that they may have to take their blogs underground.


David M. Quintana said...

Thanks for the warning...I'll be wearing my flak-jacket and watching out for roadside IED's until after the 2009 election...

Anonymous said...

The VERY reason why we, as citizens, SHOULD NOT allow this dictatorial Mayor to run for another term, and overturn his "control" of schools.

If you agree, please read this petition, and add your voice to it:

thanks, this petition will be sent directly to the Office of the Mayor, other elected reps, and media.

Himani said...

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