Monday, May 12, 2008

latest news on Boys and Girls HS and PAVE charter school

See this NY Post article about how students who arrive late to Boys and Girls HS are turned away and sometimes suspended – leading to an absence rate of 38% -- the highest in the city. The school is already being sued by Advocates for Children, along with Chancellor Klein, for illegally “pushing out” students. Boys and Girls High is a persistently failing school with large classes; its students clearly need serious help and intervention but do not appear to be getting it under this administration.

Meanwhile, according to the Daily News, the parents at PS 15 in Red Hook have apparently lost their battle with DOE to keep out the PAVE charter school, founded by Spencer Robertson, son of billionaire hedge fund manager Julian Robertson.

The Police Athletic League with classrooms in a nearby public housing project had been approached by Councilmember Sara Gonzalez but turned the charter down; as the director of the program said, “There are charter schools trying to set up all over the city. They're coming to PAL and other organizations. We would love to help, but at what expense to the [PAL]?"

One might also ask, who’s looking out for PS 15?


NYC Educator said...

Who's looking out for PS 15? The same people who look out for all public school kids.

And that would be you and your supporters.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the principal of Boys & Girls High for shutting the door on latecomers. Those who come late repeatedly are basically disruptive students. Their agenda is to disrupt classes in any way possible.
This principal should be made principal of the year. Instead, he will be condemned out there by liberals who will not tolerate disciplining youngsters. I suppose that Child Advocacy Groups and the ACLU are up in arms. Thanks to them, our schools are in the condition they're in.

Anonymous said...


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