Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sign our new petition! and hearings on the capital plan

We have a new petition online that asks the Mayor to come up with a better capital plan – urging him to build enough schools so that overcrowding can be eliminated and class sizes can be reduced, to plan for growth, and to provide incentives to developers to build schools along with residential and office space.

The petition grows out of the recent reports from the Manhattan borough president and City Comptroller, the work we’ve done on the Manhattan task force on school overcrowding, as well as the impending crisis caused by development that is facing so many neighborhoods throughout the city.

Please sign the petition and be sure to include your address and phone no. Be assured that this info won’t show up for anyone online to see, but it’s important information that elected officials like to have when we send them copies of the petition.

There will be City Council hearings at City Hall on the capital plan next week, Wed. May 21 – with testimony from the DOE starting at 10:30 AM, and from the public beginning at 3:30 PM. Please come if you can and share the story of your school and neighborhood. Just write a few paragraphs about whether you think the richest city in the world is treating its public schoolchildren right by jamming them like so many sardines .

If you can’t make it, leave comments on the petition, and we'll try to include as many of them as possible in our testimony.

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