Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tweed's favorite principal

In the last few weeks, the NY Post has become a total PR outlet for the Mayor, complete with several daily filings from former education reporter Carl Campanile that could have been dictated from Tweed.

Today’s Post features a story lauding the accomplishments of Queens Principal Anthony Lombardi under Mayoral control. Lombardi was earlier profiled lauding the DOE’s reforms back in 2003 in NY Magazine.

In 2006, Joe Williams (who is also coincidentally mentioned by Juan Gonzalez in his column today for providing the pass through for Sharpton’s big payoff) interviewed Lombardi for a favorable piece about the Klein agenda in Education Next. Lombard was also profiled in Slate magazine in 2008.

Even more recently in three separate articles in the NY Post, Lombardi offered up his support for DOE’s controversial proposal to test K-2 students with standardized exams, be stricter in granting tenure, and bar teachers from wearing political buttons.

With over 1400 NYC principals, you would think the DOE (and the NY Post) could find a fresher face to shill for their policies.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why would other principals want to speak out in favor of the administration, so they could be mud-slinged and degraded on websites like this?

So typical of this site - damned if you do (speak out), damned if you don't. Unless a principal says "Yes Leonie, you are right. The problem in our schools is that class sizes are too big," you won't be satisfied. As if 20 not 24 kids in a class is going to make up for the deficiencies of our teaching force.

NYC Educator said...

It's not 20 or 24. It's 20 or 34, and anyone who's taught classes of both sizes could tell you the difference. I know I don't want my kid in oversized classes, and having the highest class size in the state is hardly something for Mayor Mike to brag about.

Evergreenspan said...

Anthony Lombardi has been a notorious Queens principal for some years now. He is at the marching orders of the mayor and chancellor. Countless numbers of teachers have left his school.
Look what's going on at JHS 8 in Flushing. The principal there is a disgrace.
I talk from experience. I had some yo-yo to deal with when our beloved principal at IS 320 retired in 1984. No words are adequate to describe the situation that I and others had to endure during her reign of terror.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Lombardi has no intelligence. He rules his school by using intimidation and fear. Show you're not scared of him and he gets rid of you! The teachers make that school a great place, not him! He implements all of these educational initiatives and has no idea what they're about. As a parent, I have asked him numerous questions and have been told " Let me ask someone about that and get back to you". How as a principal do you not know about the curriculum you implement. What an ignorant baffoon he is!!

Anonymous said...

I believe That the teachers make the school as good as it is, not the principle. The teachers are great at that school.

However I feel that the school Aids, especially the top Aid Ms Kathie Borgia is just cruel with the kids. She is always yelling at them, why??? You do not need to yell at the kids or treat them the way she treats them. You need to deal with the students in a calm manner. They aren't animals. They will understand if you tell them in a respectful manner, that there are rules to the school that they must abide to. You can mention that they will get a letter home , if they don't liste

Anonymous said...

I, as a parent do not like alot of things that go on in that school. You have kindergarteners & First graders walking alone in the hallways either when they need to go to the main office or to the nurses office. Why isn't an adult supervising them. What is that student decides NOT to go to the main office / or nurses office and that students decides to go outside (through the other sides doors that aren't locked and aren't being supervised by the security guard).

I do not like the idea of students walking alone in the hallway. I think it's a good idea that a school employee , school Aid, any adult employee should always supervise the kindergartners to the main office or nurses office , if they need to go.

I think All students in kindergarten & First grade should be with their teachers at all times, and students should never be alone.

Safety should be the first priority for all schools, and in this school @ps 49 , safety isn't there number priority.. And it's sad!!!!

Something should be done.