Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is NYC for sale? CWA says no.

Here is one of the anti-Mayor Bloomberg TV ads financed by
CWA Local 1180’s $500,000 campaign : "When parents wanted more participation in our kids' education, Michael Bloomberg said no!"

Meanwhile, the Times in its endorsement today wimpily admonishes, "But in a third term, the mayor and his team should still work harder to listen to those who hand over their children each morning to his educators."

Yeah, I'm sure Bloomberg will take this to heart.

And I'm sure principals and teachers will be happy to know that, according to the Times, they are "his educators." I guess the Times believes that he really does own this city after all.


NYC Educator said...

Well, if we are his educators, we'll work hard to educate him.

But you know the old saying--It's tough to teach a non-term-limited dog new tricks.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg doesn't own the teachers but he certainly owns the editors of the Times.

Anonymous said...

He only owns the teachers union.