Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NYC Kids PAC Endorses Bill Thompson

Over 200 public school parents and educators from all over the city braved icy rain on Sunday to cheer as NYC Kids PAC endorsed Bill Thompson for mayor. Kids PAC president Ann Kjellberg, Assemblymember Deborah Glick, and parent leaders Monica Major from the Bronx and Rich Wisniewski from Staten Island spoke about the real record of this administration—flat national test scores, overcrowded classrooms, and dictatorial policies that don't work—and our support for Thompson's policies and values. Alev Dervich, a teacher from PS 15 in Red Hook spoke about the administration's divisive policy of forcing privileged charter schools into neighborhood schools, and Luis Reyes spoke of their failure to improve outcomes for ELL and Special Ed students.

NYC Kids PAC was proud to have this opportunity to join hands with parents from the across the city and demand real improvements for our schools. Eight years of destructive, dictatorial educational policies are enough!

Visit www.nyckidspac.org to read our endorsement and Thompson's proposals for education, to join NYC Kids PAC, and to request materials to distribute in your neighborhood. There are only two weeks remaining in this election and parents must be heard!

NYC Kids PAC is a grassroots organization of parents working together to support elected officials who support our schools, with particular attention to their actual legislative and policy record in office. We are proud to endorse Bill Thompson for mayor and to call on NYC parents to vote Bloomberg out on the basis of his dismal record while reigning over our schools: his disdain for public school parents and his indifference to the issues that concern us the most.

See our press release about yesterday's event and this Daily News article.


NYC Educator said...

It's good to see at least one school group has the good sense to support Thompson. Why don't you send their leader over to set Mike Mulgrew straight?

Evergreenspan said...

We can never, never forget the abandonment of the UFT regarding Bill Thompson in this election. How can they remain quiet after the way Joel Klein has treated teachers in this city? This is a disgrace beyond belief. Lord knows what the UFT gave up in the next contract. We're sure it was signed already and they'll announce it shortly after Bloomy gets anointed next Tuesday. Those who negotiated the contract should only be made to work under its provisions.
Teachers would we wise to withdraw from giving COPE money to legislators who then turn around and spit in our faces.

Evergreenspan said...

Emperor Bloombucks talks about schools in N.Y.C. by 2013. He fantasizes that people throughout the U.S. will be moving here so that their children can go to school here. In what planet is the mayor residing on? This is still further proof of how out-of-touch he is.
After Bloomy gets anointed next Tuesday, he will devote his attention for full destruction of the UFT-his enemy. With unity caucus, he will attain his objective. Within 4 years, the UFT will be history. While it has become nothing more than a collection agency, it was still better than nothing.
1500 teachers are currently in excess and nothing is done. Put them back in regular positions, you idiots, so that class size could be lowered. We need the return of the 600 school concept for disruptive children. What 43% increase? Teachers are working longer days and years. That's not an increase in salary!
Klein taught for 6 months before fleeing to the world of supervision. It takes between 5-10 years of teaching to gain competence. Then and only then do you flee to the world of supervision.