Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The bake sale ban and the hypocrisy of the DOE

Why does the DOE get itself into these messes, like banning PTA bake sales?

Because they never bother to consult with anyone, least of all parents, before making these harebrained decisions.
Excerpt from today's NY Times:
The education department is trying to persuade parents and students to hold food-free fund-raising events, perhaps selling T-shirts, pencils, notebooks, shoelaces or handmade beaded jewelry instead. One option it suggests is selling exercise: the buyer pays for the student to run a certain number of laps around a park or track.

That’ll be a big seller for sure.

What hypocrisy! When it comes to important educational decisions like class size, they say they don’t care and they will leave it up to the principal to decide. When it comes to banning home-made goods from our schools, all of a sudden they have to have the final word.
Check out info about the bake sale protest tomorrow, Thursday March 18 at City Hall at 4 pm; more info at

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