Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Post and the Daily News editorial boards: designated hit men for Joel Klein

On Friday morning, the NY Post published a picture of Judge Lobis, assigned the case of the lawsuit filed against Klein's arbitrary closing of 19 schools; and wrote an editorial implicitly threatening her if she ruled the wrong way.

After she decided in favor of the plaintiffs later that same day, finding that Klein had clearly violated the mandated procedures established in the governance law, the Post vicioiusly attacked her in another editorial on Saturday morning, accusing of basing her judgment solely to benefit the UFT.

This, by the way, is the Post’s standard attack one anyone who dares to oppose the administration’s flawed and increasingly lawless policies.
On Sunday, the Daily News piled on, in an editorial that sounds like it was written by Klein himself.
Let’s hope that Judge Lobis is not intimidated by these thugs, bought and sold by Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerman, close allies of the Mayor and Klein and members of the Billionaire’s Boys Club.
All of these men, of course, send their kids to elite private schools, and would never stand for arrogant abuse perpetrated by Bloomberg and Klein on students who attend the city's public schools.


jodama said...

It's a good thing most people don't pay attention to the editorial boards of the local newspapers. I think we all know their full of hot air.

mindy said...

It's amazing how "the billionaire
thugs " take any chance they get to beat up on teachers who for the most part are women.Just read that LA teachers are agreeing to a salary cut to help with the fiscal crisis there. Have the rich boys on Wall Street ever done that? No. They are supreme egoists who suffer from arrested ethical behavior. They worship the God of Greed and nothing else. It doesn't surprise me that the judge is a woman who sees the issue clearly and made a wise decision. She has guts and brains and I respect her for it.

NYC Educator said...

Let's hope they follow up and insist kids who requested these schools be admitted automatically, and further follow by blocking the incursion of schools designed to replace those on the hit list. Doubtless the new schools would receive all the amenities and aid that have been routinely denied those targeted by Tweed.

Ms. Take said...

Ultimately, ALL public schools are in the crosshairs of the DOE. They are attempting to travel east, into Queens, to promote their educationally horrendous agenda. It is also an agenda designed to end democracy as of way of governance as electronic diversion and ignorance replaces knowledge and thought which is occasionally coupled with entertainment. Corporations own our media, so they make decisions as to what the public knows based upon what distracts the most and informs the least.