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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bloomberg's School Closing Message for Parents

Notification that public schools would be closed due to the snow went out at 5:40 am Monday morning. WNYC reported on the press conference where "Mayor Bloomberg expressed little sympathy for parents who complained they were caught without childcare:"
Bloomberg: If you got up this morning, looked outside and it didn't come to you right away, the thought that, gee, I wonder of school will be closed today, and you didn't know enough to call 311, I'd suggest another day in school is probably a good idea.


Chaz said...

Of course when the weather forecast is up to a foot of snow and every other school district have already decided to close the schools. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to make sure you don't wait to the last minute to close the schools and endanger students and staff to dangerous travel conditions.

Chaz said...
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Mr. Talk said...

Thank you. I heard this on NY1 this morning but couldn't find a link to it there. I couldn't believe my ears. The mayor thinks we're all idiots, and if we vote for him for a third term, we'll prove him right.

Patrick Sullivan said...

As if we needed further proof of the appalling arrogance of the man and his administration, the AP coverage of the mayor's comments included this update: "An aide tried to backtrack later and insisted that Bloomberg was referring only to teachers, and not to students or parents."

The Staten Island Advance ran the AP story:

NYC Educator said...

So it's unacceptable to talk to parents as though they're idiots, but no problem to speak to teachers that way, according to Tweed's latest pile of revisionist history.


Stephanie said...

who knows with Bloomberg, he never closes school's no matter what.Whereas, in jersey, a snowflakes fall's and schools are closed. Nice.