Saturday, March 28, 2009

State and city laws routinely flouted by this administration

Check out part II of the March 26 forum,"Demystifying Mayoral control," with Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters (me!) recounting some of the state and city laws that this administration chronically violates, and also summarizing some of the recommendations on how to reform the system, as proposed in the report released by the Parent Commission on School Governance.

Only two themes have been consistent through the constant reorganizations and permutations of the Bloomberg/Klein agenda: a persistent disregard for the law, and a continual refusal to allow parents to be involved in decisionmaking at the school, district or citywide levels.

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Anonymous said...

Leonie, please investigate the DOE on line credit program called PLATO. It is being utilized in high schools and offers as much as 2 credits for this bogus program. It appears that licensing does not matter with this program and the UFT and newspapers have been informed to date not a peep from anyone. Please check this out..