Saturday, March 28, 2009

Demystifying Mayoral control: Diane Ravitch on mayoral autocracy

Check out the first part of a March 26 forum on "Demystifying Mayoral control" sponsored by South of the Bridge Parent & Youth Association, starring Diane Ravitch.

Diane was in peak form, talking about how the Bloomberg version of Mayoral control is unlike any in NYC's history, how there's no accountability in the current system, and how the administration's claims of improved achievement results are dubious at best.

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Jen said...

This is amazing, I wish everyone could see this clip.

Teachers know what will help our schools. Listen to them if you want to pretend to be serious about improving schools instead of fudging numbers, or giving our schools to corporations to run charters that cream our public school system and further squeeze out any joy that existed in the schools of my childhood (not long ago) with a singular focus test scores, which these schools have more of a chance of effectively doing, because they have smaller classes, the ability to kick out students they don't like, and the fear of losing their jobs if they deviate from test prep. What are we doing??