Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Patrick Sullivan commands the stage at the PEP

Check out this video of Manhattan member of the Panel for Educational Policy Patrick Sullivan, fearless and brilliant, at the PEP December 20 meeting in the Bronx.

My favorite clip: when Patrick berates DOE officials for their "lack of fiscal discipline" -- their insistence on spending yet even more millions for yet another wasteful piece of software, a teacher training module that is supposed to be integrated into the $80 million super-computer super-mugging that is ARIS; meanwhile, school budgets are being slashed to the bone.

Hurray for Patrick! We are truly lucky to have him.


NYC Educator said...

God save Patrick Sullivan!

And clone him if possible.

Anonymous said...

The UFT should invite hime to speak at the next D.A. He's the type of person the public schools need!

Kudos to him!

Anonymous said...

He certainly made the meeting much more interesting.

There were things in the video that I missed at the meeting. Favorite? The look on Best's face when Patrick called him on usurping the panel's authority.


Bill Gunlocke, a city reader said...

You might be interested in a new blog on New York City school kids and reading.