Friday, October 29, 2010

Fix failing charter schools, but don't bother with our district public schools?

Stunning juxtaposition at the Gotham Schools links today:

· SUNY wants to try fixing failing charter schools instead of shutting them down. (Post)

· The city says it is considering closing up to 47 schools this year. (GS, Times, Post, WSJ, NY1)

Why doesn’t this administration try helping our regular public schools, instead of closing them down? Is it because they would rather replace them with charter schools?

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Anonymous said...

The Gulen Charter schools are guilty of Visa Fraud, their schools Magnolia Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Harmony Science Academy and Sonoran Science Academy are bringing foreign teachers without credentials to the USA under h1-b fraud. American Tax payers are footing this bill, you will note that they have more h1-b visas for teachers than the largest school district in the USA (LAUSD)
At a time when great American Teachers are getting pink slipped the Islamic Gulen Movement is dismantling the American Public School System one state at a time. The Gulen Charter Schools have robbed American Taxpayers of over $1 billion in Educational funds over the span of the last 10 years. Throught the network of Gulen Foundations, and bribes via their interfaith dialogue, they have managed to snow job members of congress, local politics, local religious leaders, and local academia. Free dinners and free trips to Turkey to side step their true agenda which is to dominate and control American Education, politics, interfaith dialog, police, media and military. As Fethullah Gulen has done world wide and in his native Turkey which got him exiled for attempting to overthrow a secular government.