Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sign our petition against any more charters that will take space from our public schools!

In NYC, our public schools are increasingly overcrowded, a crisis made worse by the insistence of the NYC Department of Education to continue placing charter schools in our district school buildings. This has led to class size increases, the loss of art rooms, science labs, libraries, and preK programs, as well as special needs children receiving their services in hallways and in closets in our district schools.

NY charter authorizers will be voting in the next few weeks on several charter schools, whose founders have stated that they intend to be located inside our already overcrowded public schools.

Please sign our petition to urge the the SUNY board of trustees, the State Education Department, and the Board of Regents, along with their advisers, not to approve any more charter schools in NYC, unless they have a plan to be located in their own space, separate from our existing infrastructure.

The petition is here, and when you sign it, it automatically sends an email to the above decisionmakers. Please also feel free to adapt the message however you like. Thanks!

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