Sunday, December 26, 2010

Joel Klein's holiday card

Thanks to all of you who suggested a caption for the (real) NYC Department of Education holiday card from Joel Klein. And thanks to Ken Libby for the idea.

In the end, I made up my own.

In the same vein, be sure to check out the WaPost Answer Sheet for the censored play by Jamaica High School students about the decision to close their school, and the Huffington Post column by their teacher, Brian Pickett, about how this heartbreaking play was conceived and created.

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Smellington G. Worthington III said...

For goodness sake, haven't you got a kind word for Joel after all his years of service? Hasn't he made the city a more profitable place? Can't entrepreneurs finally make a few dollars from the education system? For the love of Smedley, where are your values?