Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Frank Macchiarola on Black's departure and Walcott's appointment

A panel discussion on Good Day NY about Cathie Black's firing and the appointment of Dennis Walcott, with Noah Gotbaum, parent and President of Community Education Council District 3, Erik Engquist of Crains, and Frank Macchiarola, former NYC Schools Chancellor and now Chancellor of St. Francis College.

Macchiarola calls Bloomberg's selection of Black "crazy," and says that the mayor's quick choice of Walcott, by just "looking across the room" without any national search, is a mistake.

"The position being filled is one of moral authority" and "in order to have confidence of people of New York ...there should be a process that engages the community in the process of selection."

He concludes, "the Mayor's judgment on this has fallen down ... as well as on a number of other issues."

Chancellor-Designate Walcott: NYC Education Policy Will Not Change: MyFoxNY.com


Anonymous said...

I love the comment - at least he [the mayor] admitted he was wrong. Why should we be so pleased he admitted he was wrong. Who else could have been wrong? Who else had a hand in hiring Ms. Black? Bloomberg must go. The mayoral control law must be changed.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Walcott serve on the old pre-Bloomberg Board of Ed? Didn't Bloomberg say people should voi that William Thompson was unfit for office because he served on the pre-Bloomberg Board of Ed during the last election cycle? Doesn't Bloomberg's logic render Walcott unfit for the job?

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest Walcott is a Bloomberg puppet for so many years.How can anyone really believe he would challenge the mayor on any issue. It is a convenient appointment for our mayor and a disaster of an appointment for the children and teachers of our city.

Anonymous said...

In 1975, NYC Schools Chancellor Frank Macchiarola illegally discharged thousands of high school students after he laid off 10,000 teachers during the fiscal crisis. When Bureau of Attendance Assistant Director, Thomas Mulry, challenged Mr Macchiarola about these discharges, he was given a unsatisfactory rating and had a disciplinary letter placed in his personnel file.