Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Parent Guide to the Broad Foundation just released!

Check out the new Parent Guide to the Broad Foundation, its Training Programs and Education Policies, just released by Parents Across America(Here is the guide as a handy downloadable fact sheet.)

Jean-Claude Brizard is a Broad Academy graduate, formerly of DOE,  subsequently Superintendent of the Rochester schools.  Just yesterday he was appointed to be Chicago's CEO of schools.

So is Chris Cerf, John White, Shael Suransky and several of the top corporate-style educrats who worked at Tweed and across the country, many of whom have provoked controversy with their pro-privatization policies and autocratic leadership style.

What is Eli Broad trying to achieve by installing his brand of leadership in schools throughout the country? Parents, be forewarned!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for delving deeper into the Broad Foundation. What are the financial incentives for the Broads, Waltons, Gates?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Brizard just receive a vote of no confidence in Rochester?

Unknown said...

I live in Knoxville, TN and I suspect our superintendent is a Broad Grad but am not certain. He certainly shares their philosophy. He's pushing merit pay and selling it to the community as 'strategic compensation to improve student outcomes'. He has reported to the local media outlets that 74% of the teachers approve of such a scheme. How can I learn if he is a Broad grad? He's outsourcing the merit pay training to the Milken Foundation's TAPS program. The foundation is run by Michael Junk-bond king Milken's brother. Does anyone have any info on this group?
Joan G.

Anonymous said...



Jim McIntyre is a 2006 Broad Graduate.
He taught very briefly, but is "proud" of his brief teaching experience.

Many thanks to NYCPSP for the research her. I'm from Buffalo and watch the NYC goings on very carefully.

Anonymous said...

I'm not interested in the true incentives of these inordinately wealthy troglodytes. When their disciples ignore law and conscience to bring about whatever the heck they're trying to bring about, they should not be able to leap to other cushy jobs. They should by yanked out of jobs and/or prosecuted. And Bloomberg should be impeached for his part in this.

wfs said...

Thanks for this. I grab this because i am already a father. :-)

feb said...

What is the reaction to all of this by the Sec. of Education? I worked in the Kansas City Missouri School District for over twenty years and saw Dr. Covington kill a wonderful high school reform program we had started. It is sad to see dedicated teachers treated the way these teacher were. I would bet this is what is happening in Wisconsin as welll.

Anonymous said...

I too was a teacher in Kansas City and watched the reckless behavior of Dr. Covington he ruined many lives. This man destroyed what little was left of the district both teachers and students in the short amount of time he was there. Why don't people wake up and realize our children are in danger we cannot allow idiots from this academy to invade our district and take advantage of our children.
A concerned teacher

Anonymous said...

He is.