Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DOE's Chinese Take Out Menu delivery system at $5 per letter

From a District 3 parent:

"We received our placement letter to be in a District 3 G&T program. Found it scotch taped next to the lobby door (outside of the lobby) next to assorted UPS notices. (Yes, scotch taped.) Hand delivered! (No postmark.)

Sure glad we happened to notice it on our way out of the building. No buzzer to let us know we had important mail waiting for us downstairs.

Friends who live one street over found their letter on a ledge near their mailboxes while several other letters were left in the vestibule of their building. They called it the Chinese Take Out Menu theory of delivery."

Thanks to Bijou Miller who forwarded us this email. For more on the DOE's original (and expensive!) delivery of these these letters, see our earlier entry.

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