Friday, June 6, 2008

Every day in June: Littlest Protestors "Storm" DOE

Public school kids will protest at Tweed every day in June to protest the budget cuts.

Here is the line-up for this coming week:

Monday, June 9th – PS 75M students arrive at Tweed Courthouse, 12:30 PM

Tuesday, June 10th – Central Park East II –10:00 AM

Wednesday, June 11th – TBA

Thursday, June 12th – Six Schools from District 2 – 12:30 PM

Friday, June 13th – High School Kids Express Solidarity Murrow/Stuyvesant – 4:00 PM

To join or find out more: contact the Kids Protest Project

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Joyce Szuflita (chef-leeta) said...

The Stuyvesant and Murrow students are delivering their 100 letters today, Friday 13. To read excerpts of these incredibly moving and eloquent letters go to