Monday, February 9, 2009

What can they be thinking?

While our schools are already bursting at the gills, and enrollment is still rising due to higher birth rates, more development, the shuttering of parochial schools, and parents choosing public schools over private due to their reduced economic circumstances, now the city is planning to close numerous day care centers that will send at least 3,300 more kindergartners into the public school system-- without a place to put them.

Yet another instance of the poor planning of this administration -- and the total lack of coordination of city agencies -- despite the advantages that Mayoral control was supposed to bring.

Kindergartners may lose their day care


NYC Educator said...

Maybe they're thinking this--Let's just shovel as many kids as possible into already dilapidated school buildings, and then if we fail we can close them, ship the kids to some other school, which we'll close later, and then take no responsibility whatsoever. We'll find one new school with good stats, and compare it to the school that used to be in the building, even though that school was 5 times bigger and held a completely different population.

It seems to have worked well for them in the past, judging by the coverage they get on subway ads, TV commercials and op-eds in the tabloids.

Saif Ali Pervez said...

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