Saturday, May 29, 2010

Charter CAP Law Drives Mob to Go Non-Profit

May 29, 2010 (GBN News): In an unprecedented step, five major Mafia crime families in New York have joined forces to register with the Federal Government as a 501(c) non-profit corporation, GBN News has learned. The surprise move was reportedly precipitated by yesterday’s NY State Legislature vote raising the charter school cap. The new law doubles the number of charter schools allowed in the state, but precludes any for-profit organizations from running them. Without pursuing non-profit status, the Mafia would have had to abandon plans to move into the lucrative charter school market.

While on the surface the Mafia appears to be abandoning its customary pursuit of huge, illicit profits, its leaders may have actually chosen a wise course of action in a bad economy. “Even the Mafia’s bottom line is down,” said the Dean of the Manhattan School of Criminal Justice, J. Fredrick Runson. “As the great philosopher Al Capone once said, ‘I go where the money is’. Seeing how folks like Eva Moskowitz are making big bucks off ostensibly non-profit charters, the mob chieftains obviously saw a deal they ‘couldn’t refuse’.”

Even with the State Comptroller now being empowered to audit charter schools, the Mafia should still feel comfortable doing business with the NY City DOE, Dr. Runson indicated. “From his flaunting of the Committee for Fiscal Equity lawsuit on class size, to his habitually ignoring City Comptroller audits, Chancellor Joel Klein’s actions should make those mob capos feel right at home.”


Anonymous said...

Use Guys no how to make a f____n Buck, we bow to the real crooks BucksBerg and slime.

nyc teacher said...

Can some body please answer just one question for me? What country am I living in????

NYC Educator said...

I echo the above sentiment.

People don't do their homework. They wrongly assume the media has done theirs.

They buy poison and they think it's pudding.

Anonymous said...

The mafia???

OMG, what is this world coming to???

Does Diane Ravitch know about this?!

Gary Babad said...

I assume that Diane is aware of the situation. In fact, I'd bet that she will be adding a chapter in the second edition of her book entitled, "The Cosa Nostra Cronies Club".

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