Monday, July 26, 2010

New Afghan Leaks: School Reform Could “Turn Around” Failing War

July 26, 2010 (GBN News): While controversy continues to swirl around recently revealed leaks calling into question the effectiveness of the war effort in Afghanistan, new documents leaked to GBN News could prove to be an even bigger bombshell. A secret US plan reportedly aims to undermine the public education system in areas controlled by the Taliban through a new “turnaround” program, thus ultimately depriving the Taliban of capable recruits. But unlike the previous reports, this new plan paints a more encouraging picture in which success seems far more likely.

According to sources, a CIA operative has already been able to infiltrate the Taliban and gain control of their education ministry. This agent quickly acted to introduce a system called NJLB (No Jihadist Left Behind), which entails strict accountability based on test scores, as well as serious consequences for teachers and schools whose students do not measure up. Turnaround options for schools can range from kidnapping the principal and shooting 50% of the staff, to replacing entire schools with charter schools secretly funded by the Gates, Broad or Walton Foundations and run by private, for profit local warlords.

The potential of this new Afghan educational policy was not lost on at least one prominent education leader in this country. When told that the Taliban will shoot the lowest performing teachers, Washington DC Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s eyes widened. “You can do that?” she asked, and then turned to an aide and whispered, “Get me Randi on the phone. I’m sure she’ll agree to a little change in the contract.”

But one noted expert, J. Fredrick Runson, Professor of International Law at Manhattan University, has a word of caution. “Targeting civilian populations is considered a war crime under international law. If I were someone like Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein, or Arne Duncan, I’d tread carefully. Destroying a public education system could bring about some serious legal consequences.”


Onebyland said...

Child safety is important. I was there when Nicole Suriel Died. Police safety during rescues is a must.

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Anonymous said...

I have to bet that's where half the missing money in Iraq went, private firms brought in to help build the education system.

NYC Teacher, 12yr vet