Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Come join us watch Diane Ravitch on the Daily Show on Thursday!

Diane Ravitch, the country’s foremost defender of evidence-based rather than faith-based education reform, will be a guest on the Daily Show starring Jon Stewart, this Thursday. This is a great breakthrough and reverses a long media black-out of opposing points of view on education issues.

Please join Diane, other parent activists and me for a viewing party starting at 9:30 PM at the Benjamin Hotel to celebrate and watch the show together, in a fundraiser for Parents Across America, a new national group committed to putting the parent voice back in public education:

When: Thursday, March 3, at 9:30 PM -11:30 PM

Where: Club Room, Affinia Hotel, 155 E. 50 St. (off 3rd Ave.) NOTE: change of venue!

Tickets are $50; $25 for students/teachers; contributions are tax-deductible.

To order tickets, and for more info, please click here:


Also, check out Jon Stewart last night on the Daily Show – defending hard-working and underpaid teachers who are being called “greedy,” while too many of our elected officials and commentators seem to be defending the obscene bonuses of bankers instead. During the segment, Jon reveals his mother was a teacher.

He ends by satirically proposing that our kids be outsourced to China to be taught overseas. Actually this is no joke: Rick Hess and other edu-entrepreneurs are advocating that teaching be done online, and outsourced to places like Singapore. Come join us Thursday, and watch Diane eviscerate such hare-brained ideas to undermine our public schools.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I like Jon Stewart, his willingness to go along with the rhetoric of the Ed Deformers is disturbing. He regularly has guests like, and including the actual, Bill Gates, and colleague Stephen Colbert recently hosted the awful Michelle Rhee. Jon Stewart has made public statements to the effect that "it's better to risk getting rid of some good teachers if it means getting rid of the bad ones," which, of course, analogous to saying "it's better to risk executing a few innocent men if it means executing more of the right ones." Maybe if Diane sees this, she can bring it up with him. After all, when the Ed Deformers can dupe Jon Stewart into advocating for the ability of their movement to strip veteran teachers of their right to make a comfortable but modest middle-class wage and have some stability in their lives, which they then pass down to their students, they never seem to address the byproduct of their advocacy - what happens to all those 40-ish and 50-ish veteran teachers with advanced degrees who suddenly find themselves jobless? Because idiots like Obama, Rhee, Bloomberg, Duncan, Broad, Gates, ET CETERA, have it in their heads that all veteran teachers are ineffective? Please Diane - help us put a stop to it. Be our voice.