Friday, May 6, 2011

Did Bin Laden Doc Dupe DOE?

May 6, 2011 (GBN News): An alarming document recovered during the Sunday night raid on Osama Bin Laden’s hideout suggests that the terrorist leader might have been planning to undermine the NY City educational system. According to GBN News sources, the document detailed a set of plans which included exposing children to environmental hazards, precipitously closing down schools, fostering corruption, and subjecting schoolchildren to a mind-numbing regimen of assessments and test prep. The centerpiece of the Bin Laden plan was said to be the layoffs of over 4000 teachers along with the elimination of seniority protection, which together would lead to untenably overcrowded classes taught by novices.

A crack CIA team has been working furiously to decipher more of the recovered documents to see if these plans have as yet become operational. A top priority is said to be translating a document entitled, “NY City Executive Budget”. And anti terror experts are also concerned about another document that appears to target school systems nationwide, labeled “Race to the Top”.

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