Sunday, March 11, 2012

Come to Lobby day; parents must have a voice when it comes to school closings & co-locations!

Last week, the Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council, along with Class Size Matters, endorsed four legislative proposals:
The last of these, giving parents a voice in school closings and co-locations, is especially crucial, as mayoral control is acting like a wrecking ball in our communities.  Apparently, there will be a much-needed bill introduced soon to give CEC's authority over co-locations, but as yet there is no  proposal to give parents a voice over school closings as well.

As Bloomberg reaches the last two years of his term, he seems more determined than ever to ignore parent and community opposition, in his reckless campaign to close as many schools as possible and to crush others through overcrowding and co-locations.  He has closed more than 100 schools over the course of his administration, and plans to close as many as fifty more this year. He seems intent on handing over as much public space as possible over to private hands. We simply cannot sit back and wait for this administration to be over, but must appeal to the Legislature to protect our public schools and  our children, by providing some measure of relief and some semblance of checks and balances before it is too late.

The full text of this proposal is below.  Please come with us to Albany on Wed., March 21 so you can speak to your legislators personally about these critical issues.  Free buses leave from all five boroughs and lunch is provided; just email me at to reserve your spot on a bus.  Also please sign the petition here; make your voice heard!

Final CPAC.csm School Closings 2012

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