Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video: Hit the Road, Jack! Students visit PEP members who voted to close their schools & post wanted posters

photo credit: GothamSchools
On March 7, students visited three members of the Panel for Educational Policy who have voted to close their schools, and find they are apparently not in their offices: mayoral appointees Eduardo Marti, who is Vice Chancellor of CUNY,  Linda Lausell Bryant of Inwood House, and Judy Bergtraum of Facilities Planning at CUNY.

They did not leave before taping "wanted for crimes against NYC students" posters on their buildings. For more on these visits, see GothamSchools.


Anonymous said...

How is calling the members of the PEP criminals helping our cause? When was the last time anyone ever listened to someone who was screaming in their face? In addition, statements such as "they never listen to what people want" comes off as childish.

Anonymous said...

Since when is telling the truth childish? This is an inspiring, well made video and right on mark with its message. It makes me proud to be a NYC Public School Teacher!

Anonymous said...

they never listen to what people want" comes off as childish

How is this childish? The majority of the PEP members DO NOT listen to the public. Plain truth.