Saturday, March 17, 2012

Williamsburg unites against the predatory expansion of Success Academy charter schools

See Darren Marelli's video below about the battle of parents, elected officials, educators and community members in South Williamsburg Brooklyn to keep yet another predatory Success Academy charter school out of their neighborhood.

Also check out this NY Times oped by a Brooklyn parent about how the administration's plans to insert a different Success Academy charter in Cobble Hill will hurt her child's public school as well as others in their community. Sadly, despite all the administration's rhetoric about parent "choice", it appears as  no one at DOE cares a whit about the unified opposition of all these folks.  Why?  Is it a matter of Bloomberg's  close affinity to the financiers and hedge funders who head this charter chain, or is it simply a matter of his reckless drive to privatize our public schools?

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